Nothing like the smell of alcoholism in the morning

Dear Gabe Sanchez,

Thanks a lot.  I’ve now officially become a morning drinker, thanks to the evil genius invention that is Black Swan Saloon’s coffee bourbon.  I stuck my nose in the shot that you poured for me and inhaled deeply, finding only the rich aroma of freshly brewed espresso.  What alcohol?  This was a shot to be savored and coddled (much like my morning cup of joe), not pounded and chased.  You just had to share with me the simple process by which it’s made; cold-brewed with bourbon instead of water, then mixed with the slightest bit of simple syrup and a tiny splash of cream.  I’ll be making a large batch to keep in my fridge ASAP, as I suspect it will be most refreshing on those fast-approaching balmy summer mornings. I thoroughly look forward to my new-found sloppy morning routine, but my liver disagrees.



P.S.  Don’t fret.  I may have stolen the coffee bourbon recipe, but I’ll still be back for the Berry Balsamic and other assorted deliciousness.

I'm no pessimist, but this glass is definitely half empty


One thought on “Nothing like the smell of alcoholism in the morning

  1. Antonio says:

    Haha Ah I love you, Whitney! Keep em coming.

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